Best Floral Decoration Themes For Wedding

Flowers are an important element in weddings. There are many wedding planners in Brentford who are offering flowered themes for your big day. They are pairing up the dresses and accessories with these themes and it is trending a lot these days. Some wedding flowers themes in Brentford that you could consider for your wedding are listed down below

flower decoration for wedding

Fairytale theme – If you have always dreamt of a magical wedding, you can go for a fairytale theme. Pick light colored flowers for your wedding like roses with hues of light yellow, purple, pink, white, oranges. There are many varieties for you to select from. Your wedding dresses can have floral prints with some sparkly jewels.

Poppy wedding theme – Add bright colors to your wedding with poppy hues. These include bright reds, pinks, oranges, purples; and combining them together with the correct color intensity will give a fresh and lively look to your big day. You can also make a headband out of these and give a glowing look to your bridal attire. Even if the venue is plain, with this poppy colored theme you can change the entire atmosphere of the place.

With vintage and pastels – Vintage flowers have a dusty, pale look and they give a romantic touch to your wedding. Pinks and purples are the main colors in this theme. You can add antiques to your jewels and furniture for a more enhanced vintage look. Pastels can give a very dreamy atmosphere if used correctly. They include pale colors like pink, purple, green, yellow. Combine them together and add some pearls to your look for a simple but very elegant look.

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