Groom Your Career In The Real Estate Sector For A Better Future

houseThe real estate sector has always been a lucrative one for those who want to earn higher income as the brokerage and the commission rates of the property agents are generally high. But at the same time, it is one of the most sapping sectors and you have to work really hard just in order to progress. You will gladly work hard if you are getting the subsequent output and emoluments for the same and that is a major reason behind the influx of candidates in this sector.

house image 2There is a plethora of opportunities in this sector from an investment advisor to the letting agent or the estate agents as per your likes and capability. In Surrey specifically, the real estate sector is booming and various top players in real estate market are looking for hard working and smart employees. There are a number of companies that are offering property jobs in Surrey to help you construct a better career like that of a letting agent – one such company is Abundant Recruitment.

Letting Agent:

As a letting agent, your job is as important as those who specialise in the sale and purchase of property. Here are some of your key responsibilities:

  • To perform an inventory check of your client’s property before renting it to a tenant and manage the regular transfer of the monthly rents.
  • Go through the background of the tenant to avoid any criminal suspect.
  • Provide your clients with regular clients and ensure that their property is never short on tenants.