Different Types Of Septic Tanks Used In Homes

Septic tanks have long been in use as a means for drainage and waste removal in houses in Vancouver. This is essential because of their ability to handle the toxic waste and their efficiency with the household plumbing system. However, after a certain time, they themselves require cleaning to be prepared for use for another period of time, which is why people hire the services of septic repairs in Vancouver, WA.

Here are some types of septic tanks used in homes.

Septic tanks of concrete: Being made up of concrete these tanks can last for a very long period of time. They are very much immune to all sorts of damage which is the reason for their longevity. However, if these tanks suffer a crack it can allow the waste to leak out or the groundwater to leak into the interiors. Both of these situations can be harmful to the vicinity around.

Septic tanks of steel: These tanks enjoy a healthy lifespan of almost twenty-five years because of being made with steel which is an extremely strong metal. However, these tanks are often not preferred because of their susceptibility to corrosion and moisture because of rust. Therefore, it requires more care and maintenance than others.

Septic Tanks of Fiberglass: This type of septic tank is a result of constant innovation. These tanks do not have the risk of cracking, corroding, and disintegrating. They are lighter than other materials and as such are easy to install and handle.